Lions Tickets – Suh says Yes Suh to Goodell? Nah

by on November 2, 2011 updated November 2, 2011

 I can’t remember the last season I had so much to say about the Detroit Lions. For years now the Lions have received an occasional mention in my column and from there I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. Of course, I probably has a smart alecl comment or two along the way, mentioning the fcat that playing for the Lions was like NFL purgatory or something. I also heard a great story abot the how a team was playing the Lions and forgot to send their defense out on the field and the Lions scored three plays later. Stuff like that.

 But as an NFL fan I do appreciate the resurrection stories that occur around the NFL. A few years ago it was my team, the New Orleans Saints, who seemed to rise from the dead. Since then they’ve been a good team, probably not great or dynasty material, but steadily competitive.

 I wish the same for the Detroit Lions, one of the more storied franchise in the NFL and certainly a team that has seen it’s share of both woes and glory. We may be entering a new glory era for the Lions, that remains to be seen. But if it happens, Suh will be a big part of it.

 So I was somewhat startled to find out that Suh spent a little time with NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell, discussing the frequent fines and complaints about his style of play.  Suh is know for his aggressive style and some quarterbacks have complained that he takes cheap shots and goes a little over the edge. Of course, the Detroit Lions don’t think so. But isn’t it a little telling that the need for such a meeting even occured to the mucky mucks of the NFL. Can we expect a tone downed Suh, playing strictly withing the rules? Or are the Detroit Lions going to run with it, and hope Suh can get them places they haven’t been in awhile? Stay tuned.

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