Lions Suhless

by on November 29, 2011 updated November 29, 2011

The fans that buy Detroit Lions tickets will have to do without their favorite wrecking ball for a pair of games if the NFL has anything to do with it. It was announced today that the NFL has suspended Suh without pay for the next two games meaning he won’t be available for the Sunday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints or the following game against the Minnesota Vikings.

 Of course Suh could appeal but it’s probably not the wisest thing to do in this scenario. Suh is facing an uphill battle now as his reputation as a dirty NFL player is taking on mammoth proportions. While the Detroit Lions will miss him greatly, lying low for a couple of weeks might not be a bad idea. Of course, right now is when the Detroit Lions really need him.

 Detroit is on skid, having lost four of their last six games after a 5-0 start. It’s especially meaningful that the two games Suh will miss come against NFC opponents. A couple of wins in that category could go a long way in improving the Lions playoff potential. Since they won’t win the NFC North with Green Bay in the picture the Detroit Lions are essentially playing for a Wild Card spot. A win, especially against the New Orleans Saints, could be a big factor.

 But anyway, Suh is almost certainly out. the Lions will struggle against New Orleans and probably lose in the Superdome but it’s my gut feeling that they can beat the Vikings with or without him. So all is not lost. Except if we’re talking about Suh’s reputation which has taken a beating from which it can’t recover. Ask Albert Haynesworth.

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