Les is More in Michigan

by on November 15, 2007 updated November 15, 2007

 The rumors started flying earlier this year about LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles being a frontrunner for the job at Michigan. More rumors have begun this week about Michigan Wolverines head coach Lloyd Carr confirming his retirement. Or maybe not? The question has been raised as to whether the uncertainty of Miles tenure at LSU will have a detrimental effect on the Tigers performance in the ensuing weeks and in a possible appearance in the BCS Championship game.

 My gut feeling is that Carr will hang around a little longer. No coach wants to go out on a  sour note and Michigan’s performance as of late hasn’t been stellar. LSU fans are still reeling and bitter from the Nick Saban debacle and Miles abandoning ship would be another blow. The big question is if Miles feels the loyalty and affection for Michigan that woulkd cause him to leave a program that looks like it will have a shot at the title every year for the foreseeable future.


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