Led Zeppelin Tickets

by on September 13, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 It’s been many a year since anyone has even thought of Led Zeppelin tickets. But suddenly they’re a reality. The Zoso boys are scheduled to play a gig in London later this year and as of this writing millions of fans have descended to try and hit the lottery over Led Zeppelin tickets. You can take your shot but best to keep Frontrow.com in mind if you’re serious about seeing the show.

 Here’s something that will juice you. I first saw Led Zeppelin at the arena at LSU in the 70’s. My Led Zeppelin ticket cost me $16.00. Remember, this was at a time when you could see most concerts for less than 10 so I was pretty hot about having to pay that price. In New Orleans, you could get into The Warehouse, a local concert venue, by bringing a piece of carpet. You read that right. A piece of carpet, which was used to cover the floor of the converted warehouse. From the carpet covered floor of this venue I saw Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Ted Nugent, Boston, and tons of other great bands. Here’s a history lesson: It was at The Warehouse in New Orleans that The Doors played their last show.  

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