Lebron – The Hottest Free Agent

by on May 23, 2010 updated May 23, 2010

 Does Lebron James really expect to move away from the Cleveland Cavaliers? I certainly understand the desire to win an NBA Championship. But where does he think he can go where he’ll get the right money, land in the right city, and win an NBA Championship? And more importantly not experience the tons of pressure that come the move. As his performance dropped in the last series I got the feeling that James was living out the pressure and not handling it well. It’s not like the Cavaliers don’t have the talent. True, Cleveland relied heavily on James. But any team would. And if Lebron James heads to another city and scoops up all the roster money, can he really anticipate having a better surrounding cast?

 Now the owner of the Phoenix Suns, Mark Cuban, has been fined for basically saying that the Suns or any other team would like to have Lebron James. Of course they would. What was he supposed to say? As far as the issue of the Cleveland Cavaliers allowing Lebron James to leave, I believe they’ll put together a package to keep him. As far as an NBA Championship, I also believe that’s in the cards.


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