Lakers Tickets – Don’t let Me Down

by on May 6, 2011 updated May 6, 2011

Los Angeles  Lakers tickets are letting a lot of people down this week. Since the Lakers polished off the New Orleans Hornets I believe everyone who wears Lakers colors has been waiting for their team to wake up. They had some rough spots against New Orleans, losing at home in dramatic fashion in the opening game. But all Lakers fans knew that their heroes were going to come back and play well right?

The Lakers came back. But I don’t believe they played particularly well. The certainly didn’t steamroll a crippled Hornets team. But what’s even more frightening right now is the idea that the Los Angeles Lakers may not get past the second round in the playoffs. That’s how weak they’ve looked in this opening series against the Dallas Mavericks.

Tonight Game 3 in Dallas is pivotal. There has never been an NBA team that came back from an 0-3 start and won a series in the NBA Playoff. Never. So, unless the Los Angeles Lakers want to set another record, they’ve got to get cranking. Being swept by the Dallas Stars won’t be good. But then again, the Zen Master is retiring and maybe he’s already in a peaceful place.


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