Lakers Tickets – Ready for War

by on June 4, 2010 updated June 4, 2010

 It was just a couple of years ago that the Los Angeles Lakers looked like a finesse team, one of those artistic expressions of NBA basketball that are a beauty to watch. But when push comes to shove an artistic NBA team tends to get mugged at the wrong time. Suddenly all that grace and poetic movement is being shoved to the ground, elbowed, and beaten up.

 It was that way two years ago when the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers met in the NBA Championship. Boston just beat up on the Lakers and walked away with the crown. It isn’t that way this year. In winning Game 1 with an impressive and physical style the Los Angeles Lakers have served notice that they won’t be pushed around. And in a game experts believed was crucial for the Boston Celtics to win in the Lakers home court, Boston failed miserably. From all appearance right now it’s the Lakers Championship to win.


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