Lakers – Celtics

by on February 6, 2009 updated February 6, 2009

 I may be wrong but it seems to me that the Los Angeles Lakers have made it their life’s work to beat the Boston Celtics. It goes back to last year when the Celtics knocked off LA for the big prize. Los Angeles has come back and won close games against the defending NBA Champions twice now. The big question is: How will this translate into the post-season? Will we witness another epic Celtics vs Lakers confrontation? Or will one of these teams falter at the end?

 Boston has no real competition in it’s own division so right now it looks like either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Orlando Magic will have the job of eliminating the Celtics. As for the Lakers, any one of three teams in the Southwest or Northwest could do the honors. If anyone is going to deprive us of a rematch it’s going to be the Lakers.


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