LA Lakers – Fading Fast?

by on May 11, 2012 updated May 11, 2012


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The LA Lakers look like they could be fading fast in this series against the Denver Nuggets. With Kobe Bryant ailing the Nuggets have now pushed the Lakers into a Game 7, an idea I would have thought impossible just a few weeks ago. Bryant put up 31 points in this game, but at the end he had some pretty harsh words for his teammates who he obviously felt failed to step up when he was down on his game.

That kind of discord can’t be good for the harmony on the LA Lakers. Unless in some weird way it can serve as a motivational tool. Basically Kobe Bryant has thrown down the gauntlet in front of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Looking at the situation the Lakers key player was absolutely right in being upset. Gasol was a pitiful 1 for 10 and Bynum only 4 for 11. With those kinds of numbers you shouldn’t even be on the court.

So what happens now? The Denver Nuggets come to the Staples Center one game away from pulling off of a major upset. The Lakers appear to be hanging on by their fingernails. They can either rise up or end their season in shambles. Stay tuned because this is going to be interesting.

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