LA Clippers Tickets – Taking Over

by on December 20, 2011 updated December 20, 2011

LA Clippers Tickets


LA Clippers tickets took on new life with the beginning of this shortened NBA season. The Clippers have long been a hard luck story in the NBA with little or nothing to give fans hope. But all that changed in recent weeks with the signing of Chris Paul, formerly of the New Orleans Hornets. Paul is considered by many to be the best point guard in the NBA, a player who can not only put up big numbers himself but raise the value of the players around him.

So now as the 2011-12 NBA season gets underway LA Clippers tickets, once owned by the diehard few, have taken on new life and suddenly the whole of LA is getting their heads wrapped around the idea that the LA Clippers could be the new Golden Boys of movie town. How long can it be before Jack Nicholson takes up residence at courtside for Clippers games?

It hasn’t taken long for Chris Paul to make his presence known for LA Clippers ticket holders. The Lakers and Clippers just finished a pre-season game last night and the Clippers came out on top 114-95 with Paul contributing 17 points and nine assists in his first game in LA. The overhaul of this LA NBA franchise also includes Chauncey Billups, a place for Blake Griffin, and former laker Caron Butler. These LA Clippers tickets, for the first time in ages, are for real.

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