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by on May 6, 2012 updated May 6, 2012


LA Clippers Tickets


OK, I’ve got to admit that I’ve been lax in my coverage of the LA Clippers. But I haven’t been oblivious to the Clippers rise in the NBA. How could you be? Watching the Clippers re-write the hierarchy of the NBA has been pretty rewarding for any fan of the underdog and if you’ve been a faithful fan of this franchise for the last few years, well, it’s gotta be sweet to be enjoying you Clippers tickets right now.

The thing is, from what I’m seeing of this Clippers vs Grizzlies series, your LA Clippers could easily advance past the second round, a major accomplishment for an NBA franchise dismissed for a decade. Going back over the course of the season, the LA Clippers changed the face of the Los Angeles basketball season, not to mention the NBA. Fans used to seeing a pushover were very pleasantly surprised to get a team that actually challenged for a division. And of course the hero status of Chris Paul has made it all possible.

After getting 24 points out of Paul last night, LA now holds a 2-1 advantage over the Memphis Grizzlies with the next game coming Monday night in Los Angeles. If the Clippers can build that cushion, you’ll be enjoying Clippers tickets for another series with either the San Antonio Spurs or the Utah Jazz so let’s just go ahead and say the Spurs since they’re currently blowing out the Jazz 3-0.

So enjoy the ride Clippers fans. You’ve earned it and who knows? Since the seemingly impossible has already occurred in Los Angeles it’s permissible to dream of the LA Clippers playing in an NBA Championship.

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