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The Kansas City Chiefs are a talented team but somehow lost their direction in 2011. It looks like they could find it in 2012 and if they stay healthy the Chiefs could line themselves up for a surprisingly good season. Their troubles began with injuries to key players and dissension among the top staff. Now Romeo Crennel has taken over and things appear to be back on track.

But there are still some unknowns around the Kansas City Chiefs, the biggest being the ability of Matt Cassel to be the go-to guy. In the opinion of this writer Cassel is good enough to get it done but like most NFl quarterbacks he needs the talent in place around him. No Manning, Cassel isn’t a guy who can carry a team. But he’s proven that he can work a system and let the talent do the job. Apparently Crennel agrees. he spent the offseason by building a new offensive line and adding some ball moving talent. Peyton Hillis was signed to give the Chiefs a more credible running threat and Tight End kevin Boss was added to help out in the short passing game. Having Jamal Charles return from a knee injury would be a big plus and ending the fracas with Dwayne Bowe, a talented but mercurial personality, would cement things on the offensive side of the ball.

Crennel took a gamble in the draft by taking Memphis nose tackle Dontari Poe in the 1st Round, a decision that drew some criticism. Poe is seen as a guy with potential but little productivity to boast about. But the defensive staff sees him a middle clogging chess piece that will make those around him more productive. That would pay dividends to a very solid group of linebackers featuring Derrick Johnson in the middle as a run stuffer and Tambi Hall on the outside to rush the passer. Past there the Chiefs have a fairly average secondary group.

The Kansas City Chiefs had the gauntlet thrown down in front of them when their AFC West rival, the Denver Broncos, signed Peyton Manning. Most experts have the Chiefs finishing last in the division. This writer thinks they can do better. The Chargers appear to be underachievers on the downstroke. The Oakland Raiders still have something to prove and believing is impossible until they do. I’m seeing an open door for Kansas City to finish with a winning record and a shot at a Wild Card spot.

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