Kaepernick Says “They Make Stuff Up”

by on April 11, 2014 updated April 11, 2014


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Oh, the perils of NFL stardom. You have to be really careful about what you say in the news. That’s why they invented words like “alleged”. Reports of the involvement of Colin Kaepernick in an alleged assault on a woman are “completely wrong” according to a tweet by the quarterback. Could this be an example of someone trying to take advantage of a rich and popular pro athlete with unfounded accusations? It very well could. Let’s all withhold judgement until all the facts are in.

Manziel is smart according to reports of a 32 on his Wonderlic. That’s a good score, well above the average. Yesterday we talked about Roger Staubach’s statement that Manziel should be the first pick in the draft. It’s interesting to note that the ex-Cowboys quarterback also called him a “Russell Wilson type player”, pretty high praise for a quarterback who played two season in college.

Jadeveon Clowney may take issue with that placement in the draft. The Texans have the first pick and while fans would love to see a home-state hero under center, Houston may just decide that defense is the way to go. But without a clear NFL starting caliber quarterback on the roster right now….well…Manziel provides a double whammy of potential and publicity. Hard to argue with that.

Eli Manning underwent ankle surgery and will be out six weeks. The New York Giants are coming off of a 2013 NFL season that could be accurately described as less than successful. New York will be running a new offense with a new coordinator and new faces so it’s essential to get the surgery now rather than later and have Manning on the field for training camp and as much of the pre-season as possible.




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