Jets vs Patriots – AFC Dominance

by on December 6, 2010 updated December 6, 2010

Jets vs Patriots tickets are the real thing. It’s this kind of game the NFL is shooting for when it makes a schedule. In 2010 the NFL decided that having teams who’ve locked down their playoff spots resting players wasn’t going to happen. So they arranged to have these big divisional matchups happen at the end of the year.

Good move. I expect NFL tickets to be getting better and better as the 2010 NFL season draws to a close. The Jets and Patriots are just the first of many. We’ve got two teams, one of whom has been dominant in the NFL for a decade, the other looking to supplant them in the AFC East. With equal records, this games will determine the big dog in the division and put them in the drivers seat.

So get ready. Every game in the NFL now become huge.

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