Jets Tickets – Too Much Mania?

by on July 2, 2010 updated July 2, 2010

 It’s hard not be optimistic about the New York Jets. Rex Ryan has certainly made them into a more competitive franchise. The addition of Mark Sanchez, and his performance last season, make the Jets an affectionate favorite to contend for a Super Bowl. But are we reading too much into the Ryan regime?

Defense is where Rex Ryan made his mark and it’s the force that propels the New York Jets. Or is that emotion? How long can Ryan keep the Jets flying high? A coach that motivates his team by being the underdog doesn’t have any ammo left when they get picked as favorites. With the New England Patriots in their division, the Jets already have a major hurdle to clear. Keeping the Ryan buzz going, along with keeping some defensive players happy, is going to be an even bigger obstacle to the succes of the New York Jets.


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