Jets tickets – Ryans Bravado

by on December 6, 2010 updated December 6, 2010

If bravado can carry you all the way to a Super Bowl then Rex Ryan and Jets tickets are a shoe in for Dallas.  Ryan made bold predictions before the season, self proclaiming that the New York jets were Super Bowl material. A rough start didn’t phase the Jets and they now sit at 9-2 and on top of the AFC, tied with the New England Patriots.

And guess who the Jets take on tonight on Monday Night Football? Those same New England Patriots. It’s time for Ryan and the New York Jets to put their money where their mouth is. I believe they can do it. Pure moxie and belief will carry you a long way. Dealing with the New England Patriots won’t be easy but a win here make the Jets the team to beat. A loss only knocks them down a peg but in the world of the NFL it means they may get another shot at the Patriots in the playoffs where anything can happen.

Regardless, New York Jets tickets are well on their way to dishing out a post-season berth and maybe a run at the Super Bowl. If they don’t make it, it won’t be from a lack of bravado.


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