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by on December 18, 2010 updated December 18, 2010

When you’ve got a big mouth you better be able to back it up. As much as I like the Jet’s Rex Ryan and his wide open style of speaking, there come a time when discretion might be better. But the he wouldn’t be Rex Ryan if he kept his mouth shut.

This week the New York Jets get a chance to reclaim their swagger as the take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh. This is a monumental game for the Jets, as they come off of two absolutely miserable performances. First the New England Patriots stomped them into the ground on Monday Night Football. Then the Dolphins kicked their butts. throw in a sneaky sideline trip and the ensuing furor and the New York Jets find themselves with their backs to the wall and struggling for respect, much less wins.

Unfortunately New York will have to earn that respect in Pittsburgh where the 10-3 Steelers are always tough. Somehow Pittsburgh has been finding a way to win, putting together a five game streak and keeping pace with New England for one of the top seeds in the playoffs. If Ryan and the Jets don’t win here, they’ll have a hard time speaking through mouthfuls of humble pie.


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