Jeff Byrd 500 Tickets – Food City in Bristol

by on March 2, 2011 updated March 2, 2011

Jeff Byrd 500 tickets? man, that’s got an odd ring to it. But I guess we can just go ahead and call them Food City 500 tickets since that’s what we’re used to saying.

Anyway the Food City 500 is coming up. We’ll call it Pit Stop 4 on the way to The Chase. The Food City 500 will once again be center stage at the Bristol Motor Speedway next week and it’s time to get your gear and go. My buddy was up around Bristol just last week and he said it was cold and full of snow. It’s a little early to be getting a weather report for the Food City 500 but I’m thinking the cold will have broken and it’s gonna be warm and sunny. Gotta think positive here folks.

It’s going to be interesting, this NASCAR party, because right now Kurt Busch and Kyle Busch are running neck and neck, with only three points separating them in this new NASCAR point system. Guys like Tony Stewart, Mike Martin, and Jeff Gordon are also lurking around the corner, so the Food City 500 could go a long way for them. It’s always nicer to be at the front of the pack. So head out to Bristol Motor Speedway next week and catch the Food City 500. It’s gonna be warm, I promise.


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