Jay Cutler – It’s Business Dude

by on March 17, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Jay Cutler of the Denver Broncos is upset. Suposedly his new coach was shopping him around the league recently, apparently in an attempt to bring in Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots. I don’t thin Cutler should be upset about the trade attempt. After all, the NFL is a big business and players are commodities.

 Rather, I think, Cutler should be concerned about the intelligence of the new coaching regime. Look at it this way. Cutler is a good talent with a big big future ahead of him. He’s pretty much proven he’s got what it takes to take a team to the Super Bowl given enough of a supporting cast. Cassel has ridden the bench for almost a decade and had one good year. Could he be a big star? Maybe, but it;s not likely to happen anytime soon with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Therefore, since the trade didn’t work out, maybe Jay should be worried about the I. Q. and expertise of the staff he’s stuck with. That would be a greater concern to me than the fact that he was dangled as trade bait. The Kansas City Chiefs or Detroit Lions or Tampa Bay Buccaneers would have been happy to have him. But he’s stuck in Denver and that may not be a good thing. Maybe he’s realized this and that’s why he’s now requesting a trade.

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