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by on April 26, 2009 updated April 26, 2009

 8,000 miles removed from the big show the NFL Draft is the talk of the troops. Endless debates about what ought to be done have changed to even more endless debates about what was done. No sport generates as much interest as the NFl in it’s selection process. here’s my take on a few of the picks:

 Detroit Lions – I can understand the move to pick a potential franchise quarterback. But on a team that went 0-16 can you really put a guy you’re spending $80 million on and put him in front of a weak offensive line? Can a talent like Mathew Stafford, or any talent, produce magic without a supporting cast? I doubt it. Trading down and re-stocking in the lines made more sense to me.

 New York Jets – Any New York team is going to be splashy. The Jets prove the rule with a major trade that allowed them to move up and pick Mark Sanchez of USC. Sanchez has been pronounced the most NFL ready quarterback of the draft. Another big name hero comes to New York and Jets fans seem to be happy about the deal. Others are dubious.

Oakland Raiders – Crazy Al strikes again. The Raiders made a name for themselves bucking the trend and now they’ve done it again by taking Darrius Heyward-Bey with the 7th pick. A boom or bust pick by the ultimate gambling team. Heyward-Bey is super fast and super raw. Expect growing pains and drama, as usual, in Oakland.

Denver Broncos- Another head scratcher. The Denver Broncos couldn’t stop their own grandma last season and their top pick is a running back. With an anemic defensive line you would expect the Broncos to look for a run stoipper or pass rusher. In an odd way though, it makes sense to me. Maybe a good running game will help their new starting quarterback and keep the other offense off the field. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - After years of casting around for quarterbacks the Buccaneers must have decided to grow their own. Josh Freeman is not expected to become an instant starter but has all the tools to grow into a capable NFL quarterback.  

New York Giants – Wide receiver became an issue in the offseason and the Giants took steps to correct it. The selection of Hakeem Nicks gives Eli Manning a young, speedy, and reliable wideout. If he lives up to his potential, Nicks will becomes Manning’s fav.


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