It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)- Plaxico Burress and the Big Bang

by on November 30, 2008 updated November 30, 2008

 With apologies to Bob Dylan but I had to use the title to his song for this article. By the way Dylan is continuing his “Never Ending Tour”. Catch it if you can.

It seems that Plaxico Burress, wide receiver for the New York Giants, has been treated for a self inflicted gunshot wound according to news reports. Burress, who has had his share of troubles this year, has added another foolish incident to a resume that already includes more than one. This comes when the Giants are in good shape and gearing up for another run at the Super Bowl. My gut feeling is that the NFL will take a dim view of this latest incidents if the news reports are true that it happened in a nightclub in New York. Must be a great nightclub if you have to go armed. Kind of like a drunken night in a Tijuana bar.


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