It Ain’t About the Giants

by on May 15, 2010 updated May 15, 2010

Lawrence Taylor isn’t the New York Giants. Nor is he the NFL. Or Pro sports. Lawrence Taylor is just Lawrence Taylor.

 So all the debate about whether or not Lawrence Taylor should be removed from the NFL Hall of Fame is just smoke blowing in the wrong direction. The Hall of fame exists for performance on the football field over a period of time. Taylor did that. During his years as a New York Giant Lawrence Taylor created his own brand of linebacking, changing the way defenses played and offenses had to attack.

After he left the New York Giants Taylor became just another civilian. A civilian with very poor judgement. It’s up to a court to decide his guilt or innocence. What he did on the field still stands. If you want to put him in a museum as a testament to bad decisions I don’t have a problem with that. But he earned his spot in the NFL Hall of Fame.


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