Is Favre the Jets Ticket to the Playoffs?

by on August 7, 2008 updated August 7, 2008

 Ok, so the dust has settled. Brett Favre finally divorced the Green Bay Packers and has found a new home with the New York Jets. But like most divorces where things get ugly there doesn’t seem to me to be many real winners in this fiasco. The Packers management was in a no win situation, crushed between the inevitable fact of having to replace an aging quarterback and alienating the thousands of Brett Favre fans who want him in uniform no matter how old he is.

 But can Brett Favre significantly upgrade the quarterback position of the New York Jets? In my opinion Chad Pennington was a solid NFL quarterback when healthy. But that’s the knock, Pennington has missed a lot of time. Kellen Clemens looks to have a better arm and more time down the line. Now enter Favre. My dubious nature tells me Brett Favre will find himself in a bad position, playing in a division with the New England Patriots, and on a team that has less chance of reaching the Super Bowl than his Packers. If he wanted a last chance at glory he should have stayed put.


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