Indianapolis Colts Tickets – Rocks and Hard Places

by on February 3, 2012 updated February 3, 2012

Indianapolis Colts tickets got a dose of good news today as it’s been leaked (and I don’t know how reliable this news is) that quarterback Peyton Manning has been cleared to play football by his doctors. As you remember, Manning sat out last season and as a result the total destruction of the Indianapolis Colts ensued. Never has a premiere NFL franchise fallen so fast or so hard. So on the face of it the Indianapolis Colts should be in good shape heading into next season right?
Indianapolis Colts
Not so fast. First of all nothing has been conformed by the Colts or Manning. Secondly, Indianapolis Colts ticket buyers may have to get used to the idea that this franchise may move in a completely different direction. It has to happen sometime. The Colts could very well pick Andrew Luck in the draft and let Manning walk. remember, Peyton was thrown into the fray in his rookie year and look how ell that turned out. Could the Colts do the same thing with Luck? It’s a possibility. Manning has been a mainstay of this organization for over a decade but he’s also in the twilight of a brilliant career.
So Indianapolis Colts tickets will have a completely different feel next season. New Coaches, and maybe no Peyton Manning. Starting over with Andrew Luck is probably a good thing but as always, changes are painful and the whole atmosphere in Indianapolis puts the owners between a rock and a hard place. But doing the right thing can be tough and then again, we have to ask ourselves what is the right thing? Pay Manning $20 million and keep him under center? Or pay him $20 million and let him tutor Luck? Or just let him walk? Colts ticket holders are holding their breath right now.
It’s a whole new ball game in Indianapolis and Colts tickets may be a long way from re-gaining their former status. The odds of Andrew Luck being the kind of savior Peyton Manning was a slim to none but he could be a very good or even great NFL quarterback. Time will tell.

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