Indianapolis Colts Tickets – Bruised but Not Beaten

by on July 5, 2010 updated July 5, 2010

 The Indianapolis Colts have been on top so long Colts tickets holders aren’t happy with anything but a Super Bowl win. Unfortunately as well as the Colts have performed they have only one Super Bowl win to their name with Peyton Manning at the helm. It’s got to be frustrating.

 Still, is there anyone in the AFC that you can count on to be there in the playoffs more than the Colts. I can hardly remember a time when Indy wasn’t there and I’m pretty old. But I can’t help but believe that the Indianapolis Colts face a tougher road ahead in the AFC.

 Just because it’s going to be a tough road doesn’t mean Colts ticket holders should expect anything less. Manning is among the top three quarterbacks in the NFL and more importantly maybe, it’s best student. With 10 Pro Bowl appearances, Manning at times appears almost unstoppable. But even the best QB needs a supporting cast and here’s where things drop for the Indianapolis Colts. In my mind his receiving corp is not what it used to be. And maybe, just maybe, Manning has been studied so much he’s become predictable. Witness the game winning interception in the Super Bowl. Throw in the fact that the Colts lose a mainstay of their offensive line in Jeff Saturday, and Manning could be in for a tougher year.

LSU status aside, Joseph Addai doesn’t appear to me to be a dominating runner. I believe you’ll see him sharing the work with a younger running back in 2010 in an effort to keep his speed and agility available for the post-season.

On the plus side, the Indianapolis Colts will see some starters returning from injury. Guys like Bob sanders and Dwight Freeney are an integral part of the Colts scheme and you just can’t plug in replacements. Still, I like the Colts to challenge for an AFC Championship and maybe a Super Bowl. But that could just be expectations based on past performance.


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