Indianapolis Colts Tickets – 2013 Preview

by on June 26, 2013 updated June 26, 2013


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Indianapolis Colts tickets rebounded with a vengeance in 2012 and the 2013 NFL season is looking very bright for this franchise and Colts fans. The departure of Peyton Manning will always hurt but the arrival of Andrew Luck is quickly healing those wounds. Coming off of a 2014 season in 2011 the Colts found themselves in the thick of the playoffs with an 11-5 record. Now that Luck has had some seasoning and the Colts know they’ve got a winner on their hands what can be expected in 2013.

Wins for one thing. The mysteries of the NFL schedule can be hard to understand but the bottom line here is that Indianapolis has one of the easiest schedule of any team in the 2013 NFL season. That’s based on previous strength of course and there could be some surprises. But it would be difficult to see the Colts putting up less than 10 victories. The first few weeks should give Colts ticket holders a good read on their team.

The schedule begins with the Oakland Raiders, an unknown quantity with a new cast of characters. But with the Dolphins, 49ers, and Seahawks next on the schedule, the Colts will be tested early. The Jacksonville Jaguars should provide a couple of wins and the Titans probably won’t be too tough to handle. The Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs should also be fodder for Luck and the Colts. along with the Bengals. Of course, the Houston Texans will be the main opposition but a split with Houston could still leave the Indianapolis Colts in good position for another playoff appearance.

Overall the rise of the Indianapolis Colts should continue in 2013 with double digit victories and another playoff spot. Can they go further, like all the way to the Super Bowl? It might take some Luck but it’s not out of the question.


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