I think

by on November 9, 2007 updated November 9, 2007

I Think:

1) The Boston Celtics star studded lineup looks promising.

2) The San Antonio Spurs are still the team to beat in the Southwest

3) The Chicago Bulls, despite early struggles, are playoff bound.

4) Jazz is still a weird name for a team from Utah.

5) NHL tickets should be interesting to anyone who likes competition. A quick look at the standings shows no major seeration between the top and the bottom in most cases. If yopu like things down to the wire this may be your year.

6) The Cup is Jimmie Johnson’s to lose. NASCAR fans take note.

7) California has a good chance of whipping a demoralized USC Trojans team.

8) The Oakland Raiders should have bitten the bullet and played JaMarcus from the get go.

9) The Indianapolis Colts probably weren’t expecting to meet up with a bruised and battered San Diego Chargers at this point in the year. Really, the Chargers are shockingly weak for a talent laden team. The whole scenario reeks of Norvitis, a syndrome I’ve described in this column before.

10) Finally, I think when I’m writing this blog from Irag, I’ll call it “Byline Bagdad.”  


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