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by on September 20, 2007 updated October 1, 2007

Donovan McNabb: Just a few years ago, I remember Rush Limbaugh got fired for saying black quarterbacks got free passes from the media. Now, McNabb comes out and says black quarterbacks receive more criticism than white quarterbacks.
Actually, losing quarterbacks receive the most criticism, regardless of their skin color. And so far this year, McNabb has been a losing quarterback, who happens to also be black.

White Stripes tickets: Meg White, the band’s role-playing drummer, recently was diagnosed with acute anxiety, forcing the band to cancer many of their upcoming dates, including the one in Nebraska, which I was supposed to attend.
Acute anxiety … give me a break. Who doesn’t have that?

New Orleans Saints tickets: No team in the NFL has been more disappointing the Saints. I blame coach Sean Payton for trying to be too cute instead of relying on the strength of the team. C’mon, Coach, get Deuce the ball.

USC football tickets: How come the Trojans are getting so much respect for beating Nebraska 49-31? Yes, I know USC handled the Cornhuskers and were never in any real danger of being knocked off. And, yes, I know most of Nebraska’s points came in garbage time.
But LSU and Oklahoma also have had plenty of garbage time and haven’t given up nearly that many points total in their three games.
USC is over-rated.


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