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by on October 4, 2011 updated October 4, 2011

2011 could easily be the year when Houston Texans tickets pay back the loyalty of Texans fans. For the last few seasons the Houston Texans have been right on the edge of their first appearance in the NFL postseason but have always managed to fall just short of reaching that goal. But the 2011 season looks to be different.

The addition of new defensive coordinator Wade Philips has raised hopes, given that Philips has a good reputation in turning around struggling defenses. With a very effective offense already in place, the Houston Texans now seem to have enough moxie on both sides of the ball.

In addition, with the absence of a certain Manning on the Texans biggest rival, the door is open for the Texans to assume the top spot in the AFC South. So far the Texans have lived up to expectations, topping those same Colts in the season opener, easily winning in Miami, and just this week coming away with a victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only blemish on Houston’s record is a road loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The next month brings a very winnable game against the Oakland Raiders at home, followed by a tougher road trip that includes the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans, before coming home to face a depleted Jacksonville Jaguars. It remains to be seen whether the Texans will grab the brass ring, but without the Colts standing in the way, Houston Texans tickets should be poised to bring home the playoff bacon in 2011.

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