Hottest NFL Tickets – Hottest Team = Carolina Panthers

by on November 21, 2013 updated November 21, 2013

 The hottest NFL tickets are usually those of an NFL franchise that has established itself as a regular winner. We’re thinking New England Patriots here. A team that year in and year out gets into the playoffs and wins the occasional Super Bowl. But think about this: The Patriots haven’t won any Super Bowls lately. I’d go as far as to say New England isn’t even a hot team.


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 No, when I think hot team I think of a team on a winning streak, a team that’s gotten itself into position and made a serious run at contending. Right noe I believe that Carolina Panthers tickets are about as hot an NFL tickets as you could want. Consider this fact: The Panthers have now won six straight games, the last two as big as any. They’ve beaten the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 10-9. Carolina just finished whipping those Patriots 24-20 in a controversial win but hey there’s always controversy. Ton Brady can whine all he wants but he’s been the beneficiary of more non-calls than any other quarterback in the NFL. Just ask New orleans Saints fans who watched an obvious hold go uncalled in a last ditch pass by Brady.

 The Carolina Panthers have every opportunity to come out, kick ass, and win the NFC South. This week the Saints face the Atlanta Falcons and they should win. Carolina faces the Miami Dolphins and if the Panthers continue to field a tough defense and get sterling play out of Cam Netwon, they should win also. That sets up the Saints and Panthers going head to head in two weeks. During that time Carolina gets Tampa Bay. New Orleans get the NFC leading Seattle Seahawks on the Seahawks turf. There probably isn’t a tougher place to win in the NFL.

 All this goes to say that two weeks from now the Carolina Panthers will probably be 9-3 and facing a Saints team that will probably be 10-2 or maybe 9-3. In either case the Panthers will have a chance to grab the NFC South lead. That’s what makes a hot team and in the NFL today there’s no hotter team than the Carolina Panthers.

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