Hornets Tickets – Feel the Sting

by on November 9, 2010 updated November 9, 2010

 Someone said not long ago that New Orleans Hornets tickets were one of the best deals in the NBA. I’m beginning to believe it. As I write the Hornets are 6-0 along with the Los Angeles Lakers, have beaten the Miami Heat, and have a good shot at running out to 10-0 with their schedule. Chris Paul appears happy, and there have been no big injuries to the Hornets lineup. Things are magical in the New Orleans Arena.

 I also like the fact that New Orleans has been basically winning with defense. Opponents have yet to break the 100 point mark against this squad. Having been at the Miami Heat game in New Orleans I can tell you that the Hornets play as a team and seem to have a knack for getting the big basket when it’s needed. Can it go on? Well. defense will carry you a long way. As long as injuries don’t derail a fine team, New Orleans Hornets tickets will pay off big time this season.


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