Home Dominance Favors Cleveland Cavaliers?

by on May 20, 2009 updated May 20, 2009

 If there is one thing that has the Cleveland Cavaliers the favored sons in the East it has to be their home record. Forget the overall record, it only plays a part in giving them more home games. And home games in Cleveland is not what any team should want. The Cavaliers have been superb in their crib, running 39-2 I believe or something just as ridiculous.

 The Orlando Magic may be a team that can eliminate the significance of that record but it won’t be easy. Getting ahead early and having Dwight Howard stifle LeBron James is going to be crucial. Secondly, will the Cavaliers cruise through the playoffs be a help or a hindrance? Will they be a rested and focused team or will they be complacent and setting themselves up for the kill?

 And on a completely different subject can there be a better place for the 2013 Super Bowl than New Orleans? Not for me.   


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