Hold My Calls – NFL Ticket to Tampering

by on July 23, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 The Brett Favre controversy is making me weary. Now it seems that Favre MAY have made calls to the Minnesota Vikings using a Green Bay Packers cell phone. And the beat goes on.

In Other NFL News:

Jason Taylor, formerly of the Miami Dolphins. is headed for the Washington Redskins. Is this a good deal? For the Dolphins it means more picks. For the Redskins it means a defensive player maybe on the down side but probably still savvy enough to make a difference. You make the call.

The Indianapolis Colts are waiting for Peyton Manning to recover from knee surgery to remove an infected bursar sac. Manning is expected to be back in 4-6 weeks. Probably not a big deal, Manning doesn’t really need a training camp but still, it would be nice. 


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