Heat vs Pacers Preview – Can the Pacers Beat the Heat?

by on May 28, 2014 updated May 28, 2014


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The Indiana Pacers had the best record in the Eastern Conference. The #1 seed in this NBA eastern Conference Finals should have been able to come into the playoffs and get a huge monkey off of their backs, namely the Miami Heat Monkey. The Pacers have been eliminated by Miami for three years and this season, this playoff season, things were going to be different. The Pacers are big, tough, physical. They have the best defense in the conference. Their roster is deep and talented.

The Indiana Pacers are down 3-1 and on the verge of being eliminated.

What’s a Pacer to do? How about working your size advantage and working under the net? Miami is winning with speed.

I remember the end of the regular season when the Indiana Pacers were looking lost. Somehow, they rallied to finish fairly well. They rallied again against the Atlanta Hawks. I don’t know what they did to come back, but whatever that intangible was, the Pacers need to did down and find it again.

Roy Hibbert can’t be shut out again. That’s ridiculous.

Here’s what we see in this Heat v Pacers game 5 coming up. The Indiana Pacers are at home and desperate. Bankers Life Fieldhouse is where the Pacers have been able to dominate the Miami Heat and everyone else. The Pacers push this series back to Miami. This team is simply too good to lay down. They may not win this series. They may go home from Miami disappointed. But they make it six games.



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