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by on May 21, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Let’s get one thing perfectly clear at the beginning. I love the NFL. There is no better sport, in my opinion, and TV ratings and fan attendance pretty well bear that out. I love a good baseball game, enjoy the NBA, and have been known to watch NHL hockey when it’s available to me. But NFL football is my favorite sports.

 Now, more to the point, I look at my sports feeds on the internet and televeision today and what do I see?

 Travis Henry, former running back for the Denver Broncos, has been arrested.

 Michael Vick, former QB of the Atlanta Falcons, is out of jail and at home.

 Dante Stallworth, wide receiver of the Cleveland Browns, may POSSIBLY avoid a manslaughter charge.

 Somewhere out there, floating around on the internet, is a comprehensive study of NFL players and a comparison of their tendency to commit crimes against that of the general public. Call it a gut feeling but I think the numbers probably favor NFL players. For the most part, these are guys who worked hard, kept their noses clean, and got really really really lucky. But that’s not a story.

 Here’s my advice. Take a look at the schedule of your local team. Get some NFL tickets, and enjoy the game. Forget the headlines and the media circus every time one of these guys spits on the sidewalk. There is no better bargain in sports than NFL tickets. The game combines speed, power, strategy, skill, and chance in a way unlike any other sport. But that’s just me.


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