Green Day Tickets – Forget Wal Mart

by on May 28, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 OK, so Green Day lyrics may notr be what you want you’re third grader listening to and Wal Mart won’t carry their record in it’s undiluted form. I’m fine with that. But don’t let some mega record retailer stop you from getting Green Day tickets and enjoying one of the best show bands I’ve ever seen.

 My wife dragged me to a Green Day concert several years ago and I totally enjoyed it. First of all it was in a small ex-movie theater in downtown New Orleans. We had great concert tickets with seats right up in the balcony and close to the stage. Excellent sight and excellent sound. Green Day blew me away with a high energy, high audience participation show. I’ve been a Green Day fan ever since. Yes, sometimes the lyrics and subject matter of the songs is a little over the edge but hey, you can’t live at Wal Mart your whole life.

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