Green Bay Packers Tickets – Ignore the Stumble?

by on December 20, 2011 updated December 20, 2011

Green Bay Packers TicketsGreen Bay Packers Tickets

Before we get all wrapped up in the fact that the Green Bay Packers took their first loss of the season to the woeful Kansas City Chiefs, let’s get a reality check. Completing an undefeated season in the NFL is an almost impossible task. Every team put in that position is going to have a bad game occasionally and for Green Bay it was in Kansas City.

To begin with, Aaron Rodgers was a little off, which will happen. But missing Greg Jennings was probably a big part of that. Adding to the misery was Mason Crosby missing a field goal, which he usually doesn’t. To me the more important thing is whether the Green Bay Packers defense has been exposed. We’ve known all season long that Green Bay could be vulnerable of defense but up to this point the well oiled machine that is the Packers offense has been able to keep their edge. That fell apart this Sunday.

Which raises the issue of whether the loss of Greg Jennings will cripple the Packers offense enough that opponents will be able to overcome their defensive faults. Take a team like the Patriots or the Saints. In the season opener New Orleans was able to keep up pretty well and Green Bay was at full strength. Can a good offensive team with an average defense knock off the Packers. I guess we’ll see when they play the Lions.

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