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by on March 26, 2013 updated March 26, 2013


Golf Tickets


The long awaited moment has come. Over the course of the past few season the murmured and shouted speculation regarding Golf tickets and the future of Tiger Woods has been the most discussed issue of golf. Many doubted the moment would come when Woods once gain picked up the mantle of the King of Golf and re-ignited interest in his game. Personal problems and injuries looked to have laid the man low, so low it was doubtful he could regain his lost position.

Those of little faith got their comeuppance this weekend as Tiger Woods earned the #1 spot in golf with a victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Woods is on the prowl again folks and your golf ticket just got a big boost. Now the question becomes how many tournaments Tiger Woods can own before the rest of the crowd begins to believe in his resurrection once again. There will be some naysayers for awhile.

More importantly, some are looking ahead to The Masters, asking if Woods will once again reign supreme. Time will tell. But if his play at the Arnold Palmer is any indication, Tiger Woods is regaining form, his personal house is in order, and his golf game is getting better by the week.


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