Golf Tickets – Wie Starting to Surge?

by on August 28, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 If there’s one thing women’s golf could use, it’s a Tiger Woods. It’s always good for a sport to have a focal point, someone easily recognizable and instantly familiar to the public, even those that aren’t hardcore fans. Women’s golf has been in a struggle in my mind. And while it’s unrealistic to assume that it might become as popular as men’s golf in the near future, it’s not hard to picture it becoming much more prominent.

 In order to do that though, women’s gold will need a hero for the media to salivate over. Michelle Wie could be that person. The problem is, her popularity right now is built on potential and not achievement. She’s got the looks and the cultish personality, now all she needs to do is get out there and start klicking some butt. Wie has elevated her potential with a great performance at the Solheilm Cup, as a team member. Her solo shot awaits, and her next opportunity is the Safeway Classic. It’s time Michelle Wie to get out of the passenger seat and start driving the bus of women’s golf.

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