Golf Tickets – Tiger’s Back! (maybe)

by on March 26, 2012 updated March 26, 2012

Can you remember a time some years ago when the top golf tickets were pretty much a sure bet to see Tiger Woods leading the pack as the last holes were played? At the very least you knew Tiger Woods was going to be in the running and pushing hard on the leader.
But those days flew away,banished by a domestic dispute and lingering injury. Tiger Woods receded into the background and left our golf tickets to become a little less dazzling, though we have seen the rise of some new names on the circuit. But it just wasn’t the same.
Now Woods has raised hopes that we could see a replay of those old times, a revival of sorts. Woods entered the last round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational leading by a single stroke. It was at this that golf fans began looking for the bogies that have plagued Woods in the last year, wondering how he would lose this one.
Instead. Tiger Woods rose up like the Phoenix and crushed the rest of the pack, eventually turning in a five-stroke win, his first since 2009. Has it been that long?
Is this a comeback? We’ll wait and see. But golf tickets just got more interesting.

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