Golf Tickets – Tiger, Rory, and the Deevolution of Golf

by on August 11, 2011 updated August 11, 2011

For may a decade the game of golf was elitist. Golf tickets were a sure fire way to catch a bunch of ruling class divas playing an effeminate game, swilling fine wine, and generally walking around with a snooty attitude because they could keep out the riff raff. But things have changed, although it took golf many years to reach it’s present state.

I’d like to credit John Daly for breaking down a lot of the silent rules surrounding golf. This is a guy whose biggest worry was how to get barbecue sauce off his clubs and the beer stains off his gloves. Daly made it seem possible for the ordinary troubled guy to play and even excel in the game. Suddenly golf tickets were appealing to the common man.

It has now reached the point where Tiger Woods can be exposed as a womanizer of historical proportions. And we still watch him though he’s playing golf like shit. And most guys can relate in an envious way to a guy who gets more taco than the Mexican Olympic team. Or maybe it’s envy. Today Rory McIlroy took a Happy Gilmore style chance when stuck behind a root. I ‘m pickin’ up what he’s putting down, that “in your face, I do what I want, and like my beer cold” attitude. It’s good for golf tickets too because who knows what’s going to happen in the next five years.

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