Golf Tickets – The John Daly Invitational Challenge

by on May 8, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 John Daly has been a major force in gold for several years now. Of course, most of it has been because of his continuing problems with a lifestyle that that seems to be focused on having a good time rather than a good game. But let’s stop and think a minute here. How many athletes could live the lifestyle of John Daly and still play as well as he does? Let’s find out.

 I propose the John Daly Invitational Challenge. Participants would have to spend 30 days prior to the tournament drinking themselves into a stupor on a nightly basis, eating chicken wings and fatty barbecue, not sleeping, and cavorting with Hooters girls till all hours of the morning. After the month is over it’s time to tee it up. The only beverage allowed on the course is Bloody Marys. The tournament goes three days at that pace. Then we’ll see who’s an athlete and who can suck it up under duress. Remember, Daly in better times won the PGA Championship and the British Open. But who could take his crown in this type of event? My money is on Daly.

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