Golf Tickets – No Tiger No Crying

by on December 13, 2009 updated December 13, 2009

 Those of us who cling longingly to our golf tickets have gotten used to seeing Tiger Woods as the focus of all the attention. It’s a situation that I grew tired of a long time ago. Call it heresy, but I never like to see a player or a team dominate a sport for long stretches. I like to see competition, upheaval, upsets, and surprises. Furthermore, the unseemly worship of Tiger Woods reached it’s breaking point with me a long time ago. I’ve been lokking and waiting for the next big name to rise and spur more interest in golf tickets and that chance has come.

 Don’t ask me to weep for Tiger Woods. He reached a pinnacle, forgot himself, and hurt those around him. Did he hurt golf? Not for long. Will he pay a price? He already is. But he’s human, as we all are, and will be forgiven. But the future of golf WAS Tiger Woods and is no more. Keep your eye on the horizon because the next big players are coming.

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