Golf Tickets – Epic Collapse

by on February 24, 2011 updated February 24, 2011

Golf tickets have always been a great way to catch guys with superior skills waging war against a little white ball. In the heat of competition we’ve seen some heroic things done, some fantastic feats of golf skill, and some tournament wins that have been accomplished by sheer will power.

We’ve also seen some failures under pressure, times when guys who seemed slated for a big tournament win just collapsed. But I can’t really recall an epic and total collapse like the one Tiger Woods has been putting on. I was totally understanding when the golf game of Tiger Woods took a slice into the rough during his much publicized problems. But I always believed that Tiger Woods would get his act together and start playing championship caliber gold again. But it’s not happening. The golf game of Tiger Woods is no further along than it was when he was still in the drivers seat of his car and a tree was right in front of him.

maybe the game of golf can get along without Tiger Woods, although I believe he can;’t be replaced. More to the point, I hope Woods can get himself together in his head and do whatever he wants. If it includes playing golf, so much the better.

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