Golf Tickets – Cautiously Awaiting Tiger Woods

by on March 11, 2013 updated March 11, 2013


Golf Tickets


If your golf tickets have lost their suspense in the last couple of years, if you’ve been pining for the days when Tiger Woods could be expected to blow away the field or at least push them to the limit, then you might get yourself ready for some good times. The early indications are that Tiger Woods is going to reignite the gleam in your eye and make golf tickets something very special once again.

This all comes on the heels of Woods win at Doral yesterday, a victory that gave us a glimpse of the old master. Speaking of masters it’s coming at a good time for Tiger Woods, who has now won a pair of PGA tournaments for the first season in way too many. Woods looked to be on the comeback trail last year about this time but got derailed by a leg problem. This weekend things looked totally different and Tiger Woods looked totally healthy.

Heading into the next few weeks we’ll find out if Woods can get it completely together and emerge as a frontrunner for The Masters tournament coming up in early April. His presence at The Masters, should he be in good form, will give a boost to the entire golfing world, which has been aching for a clear on hero since a certain traffic accident a few years back. In the golfing world all is forgiven. Tiger Woods on the prowl would be a welcome sight for golf fans and a huge boost for golf tickets and the fans in general. Love em or hate em Tiger Woods makes golf better.

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