Golf Tickets – AT&T National and Tiger Woods

by on July 2, 2010 updated July 2, 2010

┬áThe folks at AT&T National golf tournament are experiencing the Tiger woods watch. And it’s not going well. the problem here intrigues me because it’s a clear indicator of how an athlete’s mental state can affect his play. Of course we knew this but rarely has it ever been so clearly demonstrated.

Coming back from a knee injury Tiger woods was clearly on track to regain his position on the top of the golf world. Then came the infidelity accusations and things went straight to hell. Since then Woods has been a model of inconsistency, at times appearing sharp and at others totally bewildered. I personally believe that Woods has a long way to go. he’s not only rebuilding a golf game, he’s rebuilding an entire life after a divorce and intense scrutiny, derision, and ridicule. It can’t be an easy path and it will take time.

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