Golf and Pot – Which is Better?

by on June 29, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Apparently for Roger Garrigus, the answer is golf. There’s a really good article on Golf Digest about Roger Garrigus and his recent Phoenix-like rise from the ashes of alcohol and drugs. While I have always been a tolerant guy, I know that people with enough talent to play golf on a PGA Tour can’t do themselves any good with drugs and drinking. the problem is, if you’re good enough to make the tour, then you’re good enough to be be in line with all the temptations that come along with money and popularity.

Thankfuly for those of us who loves us some golf, Roger Garrigus has been able to shed the temptation and get his head back into the game. After a stint in rehab, Garrigus found his way back into competitive form fairly rapidly. he may be playing the best golf of his life, with wins in some lesser tournaments, and a strong showing at the recent U.S. Open.

It may still be early, but Roger Garrigus could become a kind of an anti-John Daly. Rather than getting in deeper and deeper, Garrigus seems to be rising to the occasion. It’s kind of a nice redemption story and we can only hope that even better days are ahead.

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