Giants-Patriots Tickets

by on December 25, 2007 updated December 25, 2007

 The verdict is in. the biggest ticket in the NFL this week is Giants-Patriots tickets. It seems that while Giants fans are banking on their team mailing it in, Patriots fans are clamoring to be there when their heroes complete the first perfect 16 game regular season. Can the Giants ruin the Patriots shot at perfection? I don’t think so. But somewhere down in the steamy swamps of South Florida, Dolphins fans are sacrificing live animals to the gods of football.

 Meanwhile in the NFC the Saints-Redskins-Vikings triumvirate are locked in a battle for the final playoff spot. Washington seems to me to have the inside track. The Redskins will be playing a Cowboys team that couldn’t care less, having locked up the #1 seed.  The Vikings take on Denver, a team that hasn’t shome at all this season but is still good enough to win if Jackson has a bad game. The saints are just hoping.


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