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by on December 14, 2012 updated December 14, 2012


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The New York Giants and the Atlanta Falcons will meet in the Georgia Dome this Sunday in a game that could have major implications for the NFC come playoff time. The Giants are fighting to win the NFC East and need this win to stay ahead of both the Redskins and the Cowboys in the division race. The Falcons are trying to recover from a humiliating loss to the Carolina Panthers last wee, a loss that raised the serious question of whether Atlanta can hang on to the lead in the NFC and get the #1 seed.

For Atlanta, the Giants are a huge hurdle. They haven’t beaten New York in their home stadium in years. 1978 to be exact. On the flip side, that past history may not be relevant. The Atlanta Falcons are a very good team at home in the Georgia Dome, with a string of 10 straight wins underway.

Something has to give. In my opinion the Falcons are a great team that just hasn’t managed to unearth that intangible something that would allow them to move to the next level. Big games stump this team, as evidenced by their regular season record the last few years versus their playoff performance. If Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons want to be considered a Super Bowl contender they’ve got to win this game.

The Giants are a mystery. Will they make a strong run into the playoffs as they seem wont to do lately? Or are they just a team teetering on the edge, great one week, pitiful the next? Some of these questions get answered on Sunday.


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