Giants vs Cowboys – Kicking It Off

by on September 5, 2012 updated September 6, 2012


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The 2012 NFL season is about to begin and the league has found a way to bring one of the better rivalries into the spotlight to get things rolling. If you haven’t been stranded on a desert island you know the NFC East has been a virtual buffet of intense rivalry for years now and there’s few better than the one between the Cowboys and the Giants. Wednesday night  brings the kickoff game and that’s who we’re going to get and I can’t find any arguments against the choice. But there are plenty of arguments and back story and that’s what makes this a must-see game.

1) The New York Giants are defending a Super Bowl title and this is a team that proves getting hot at the right moment is the best way to win a Super Bowl. Last season the Giants were barely holding their head above .500 when the burners went on. From there they made it look easy as they won six consecutive games. But are they really that good? If so, why did they struggle so much in the early part of the season? And are they any better in 2012.

2) Are the Cowboys really that bad? Make no mistake, Jones isn’t happy with the performance of his team over the last few years as Dallas has repeatedly found ways to lose in big games against quality teams. In other words they’re gimmes when they’re taking on the Cardinals and Rams but stack them up against winning teams and the Cowboys fold. Will that change in 2012?

3) The Giants return a very familiar team in 2012 and why not? The Dallas Cowboys have plenty of new names, either free agents or high draft choices and again why not? They weren’t winning with the old faces.

4) It’s a fact that has to stick in the craw of Dallas Cowboys fans but the Giants have owned Tony Romo and the Cowboys in the last few seasons. Maybe a new crew can cast off that stigma and find a way to win.But  they’ll have to reverse recent history. The home team in the season opener has a huge advantage.

All in all, this 2012 NFL opening game is just what we want. It’s got two teams with lots of history and an intense rivalry. There’s enough changes from last year to give both sides hope. The winner will have a clear advantage in the division race. And hey, it’s the Giants and the Cowboys.


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